Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP MSP Alasdair Allan has warned that the EU withdrawal bill, passed by the House of Commons last night, represents a threat to devolution.  

Earlier today, the Scottish Government made clear that it would not recommend the Scottish Parliament give its consent to the EU withdrawal bill, unless substantial amendments were made.

Alasdair Allan MSP, who serves in the Scottish Government as Minister for Europe, commented:

“Like many people in Scotland, I campaigned and voted for the Scottish Parliament to be re-established. That was the settled will of the Scottish people. Since then, we have operated under the principle that whatever is not reserved to Westminster is devolved to Scotland.

“For the first time, a UK Government has put forward proposals that would break this principle. The UK Government’s EU withdrawal bill, in the form it was passed in the House of Commons last night, presents a direct threat to grab powers back to Westminster which are presently devolved to Scotland in areas like agriculture, fisheries and the environment. That has a direct impact on who makes crucial decisions for areas like the Western Isles where crofting and fishing are important.

“There was a rare moment of consensus in the Parliament today when all the parties recognised the Scottish Government’s concerns on this issue and on the need to work together to get the legislation into acceptable shape. Without change, the Scottish Parliament made clear today it will not vote to give its assent to the UK Bill going through.”


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